Home Safes - Small Fireproof & Jewelry Safes

Home safes are cheap insurance for so many of your precious documents, medals and other small items. One of the main reasons people purchase these safes is because they want to know that if they have sensitive information, papers and cards, they can simply protect them inside of a safe.


home safes             


Generally, these safes are a bit smaller because they’re really intended for documents and for this reason are usually fireproof safes for home and sometimes even waterproof. In fact, fear of fire is one of the main reasons people invest in safes, particularly if they store a lot of important docs at home.

If you have extremely valuable possessions, it’s probably better that you get them insured and store them in a safe box in a bank somewhere. Obviously, not everybody feels secure letting other people hold their valuables. It’s not as if banks are immune to thefts and robberies and some people trust themselves more than anybody else. That’s totally understandable and for this purpose there are a multitude of different safes that you can use at home. There are great jewelry safes for home, money safes for home even a home gun safe might suit you well.




These come in a wide multitude of sizes, weights, capacities, prices, etc. The important thing is that your small home safe not be too small and be able to hold your jewelry, papers, etc., because some safes are really quite teeny. Additionally, you’ll probably want to double check that your safe is fire proof because if a fire were to destroy your home (God forbid, but it’s not entire impossible), you’d at least be able to take solace in the fact that your most expensive and important items would be intact.