What Does A Gun Safe Dehumidifier Do?

Many gun owners opt for a gun safe dehumidifier for their safe or cabinet in order to help protect their firearms and other moisture-sensitive personal items from impaired functionality/readability and depreciation.

One of the main reasons that firearm owners use these is because the accumulation of moisture in the safe encourages rusting and corrosion. This is an understandable precaution to take because many gun owners have several weapons and some of them are extremely expensive or have sentimental value.

Often, a humidifier is essentially a box filled with some type of desiccant such as silica, which absorbs moisture from the air and keeps the relative humidity in the safe low. After the silica absorbs a certain amount of moisture, you’ll need to throw the dehumidifier in the oven for a little while to dry it out again. Alternatively, you could simply own a few dehumidifiers, based on how large your safe or cabinet is (and the relative humidity where you live) so that you won’t have to bake them nearly as often. The good thing about silica is that it’s non-toxic and odorless so it wont stink up your gun cabinet or make you squeamish every time you need to access your safe.

There are many models and types such as the goldenrod dehumidifier, remington dehumidifier and even a remington mini dehumidifier.

There are also electric dehumidifiers that typically work by sucking moisture out of the air and storing it in a little cup or reservoir. Most also shut off automatically once the reservoir fills up to a certain point. Generally, a gun safe dehumidifier is a cheap investment that can help protect your firearms from losing their value and functionality and most gun owners wind up getting one just to be safe.