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 Before you purchase your first gun, or add to an existing collection, you may want to consider the advantages that gun safes offer to protect your weapon and family. Owning a firearm is a serious responsibility, and you must be willing to protect both your family and your investment. Most people think weapons safes are only needed to protect children from playing with firearms, and while keeping children away from weapons is important it is not the only reason to own one.


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Gun safes will help you keep your property safe from theft and disaster. The average firearm costs more than $200.00, and the last thing you want is to have your gun disappear during a move or after a robbery. Storing your gun in a well made gun safe will help deter criminals and keep you from losing money. Also, keeping your gun in a safe can prevent damage during fires or floods.

Unfortunately, even when a person knows how important a gun safe is they often have trouble picking out a good gun safe. The only way to be sure that you choose a gun safe that you are happy with is to educate yourself before making that major decision. Learning what features to focus on before completing your transaction will increase your chances of walking away with a safe that you are proud to store your guns in.


What’s The Warranty?

Almost every gun safe manufacturer claims to have the best gun safes available. Each manufacturer swears that they provide the best customer service, the best products, and they usually have over a dozen customer testimonials backing up whatever they are saying. However, you may not want to base your purchase solely on the manufacturer’s website hype. Always find out whether or not the gun safe you are buying has a manufacturer warranty.

Most retailers have some sort of return and refund policy, but you want to find out if the company making your gun safe is willing to stand behind their product. Check the manufacturers website to find out if they offer a one year, two year, or lifetime warranty on their safes. If the manufacturer does offer a warranty make sure you read the fine print. Does the manufacturer cover damage to the safe caused by a natural disaster or by a robbery.


Any Reviews?

Buying a gun safe that doesn’t have any reviews is a bit of a risk. Even though no news is good news in some situations, you should be nervous about placing your guns in any safe that has no reviews. Check online retailers for customer feedback, and keep your eyes open for disclaimers stating the reviewer has received the gun safe free of charge in return for leaving a review. If you are having a hard time finding reviews on retailer websites, visit gun enthusiast websites and check out their forums. Register for the forum and ask other gun owners how they feel about the gun safe you are interested in buying.


Extra Storage Options?

Gun safes are no longer basic safes with a few extra shelves for ammunition, now they have several extra features for added security and gun care. In addition to having a high temperature fire seal, and heat resistant insulation, a good gun safe should have convertible shelves. The option to remove shelves to store rifles, or add shelves for hand guns and other family valuables, will help you get the most out of your gun safe. Look for pictures of the interior of the gun safe, or read the detailed safe description for more information about all of the available storage options.


How Much Does it Cost?

Regardless of how important the quality and safety of the gun safe you purchase is to you, the cost of the gun safe is going to be a factor that you have to consider. The cost of gun safes fluctuate constantly,

but you should be prepared to pay at least $80.00 for a basic pistol gun safe, and up to $4,000.00 for hidden gun vault. If you are interested in purchasing a more expensive gun safe, find out if any manufacturer sales are coming up that might make the gun safe more affordable.

Purchasing a weapons safe is not a process you want to rush. Settling for the first gun safe you come across could lead to you overspending, or ending up with a model that does not accommodate all of your firearms. Taking the time to ask a few questions about gun safes before making your purchase could help you save a great deal of time, money, and stress.

Gun safety is hotly debated among politicians and endlessly discussed by the media. Stories of children gaining access to guns, and robberies being committed using stolen guns, make gun owners extremely concerned about storing their guns safely, and understandably so. One of the best methods of gun storage that is rapidly gaining popularity is the fingerprint gun safe.



In previous years fingerprint gun safe access was something associated with wealthy gun owners, and was often seen only in movies. Now, the average gun owner can afford a fingerprint gun safe of their own. Major retailers are offering these models for as little as $75.00, and many of them come with extended manufacturer warranties.


Easy Access

Most gun owners dread being put in a situation where they desperately need their gun, but they are forced to spend valuable time entering a combination code or looking for a misplaced key. Fingerprint gun safes offer easy, one touch, access to any person who has been granted access to the safe. Even if a rare failure occurs and the safe does not recognize your fingerprint, most safes come with multiple back up access options that are just as fast and secure.




Extra Safety

Safety is the primary reason that fingerprint gun safes are so popular. After you purchase a fingerprint gun safe, you are given an opportunity to scan the fingerprints of all authorized users. Once you’ve done that, not only will your safe deny access to anyone whose fingerprint is not stored in the access memory; the fingerprint safe will create a log of all failed access attempts. Not only will you always know when someone attempted to access your safe, in many cases you also hear an audible alarm triggered by motion sensors when someone attempts to move the safe without trying to open it.

Owning a fingerprint gun safe gives you convenient access to your guns, and extra security for your peace of mind. Having a fingerprint gun safe helps you remain a responsible gun owner without affecting your ability to enjoy your personal firearms.


Gun owners who are looking for the highest level of security for their guns are starting to lean towards the biometric gun safe. Why are biometric gun safes so popular? Instead of relying on traditional combination locks that were once considered the highest level of gun safe security, these safes use fingerprint or optical recognition software. Learning how these safes work will help you decide if a biometric safe is for you.

Easy Enrollment

Before you can use a biometric gun safe you must first complete enrollment. The majority of biometric safe models currently sold rely on fingerprint recognition. To complete enrollment new owners must have their fingerprints scanned into the safe. After the biometric gun safe has taken several scans of your finger, it will record the images and use them when processing requests to lock and unlock a safe.

Battery Operated

Most biometric gun safes use a standard battery. One battery can keep your gun safe running for three or months depending upon how often you lock and unlock it. Some biometric gun safes have recharging ports that help you get maximum use out of your first batteries. Biometric safes also let you backup your data in case the power unexpectedly fails.

Biometric gun safes are often intimidating to someone who is used to standard gun safes that use key locks or combinations. However, these gun safes are very easy to use and provide a higher level of convenience for those gun owners who want to stay safe, but want to be able to quickly access their firearms whenever necessary.

Keeping a gun in the house is one way to protect your family from intruders. Unfortunately, keeping a gun in your home does create a safety issue if you have children. GunVault is one brand of gun safe that understands protecting your family is a primary concern, and this gun safe has a few options that help a parent feel secure.


Reliable Lock

The most important feature of any gun safe is the lock. Unfortunately, lock malfunctions are not all that uncommon. Avoid a dangerous situation by investing in a GunVault gun safe that has a reliable locking mechanism backed up by a manufacturer warranty.


Tamper Indicator

Parents who own guns and gun safes are constantly checking for tampering. In an effort to help give you some peace of mind, the GunVault safe has a tamper indicator that will show you when someone has attempted to access the safe using an invalid entry key. With this feature you will always know when someone tries to guess your access code and get your gun out of the gun safe.


Audible Alarm

After a gun tragedy occurs, parents are often shocked to learn that their child was able to remove a gun safe from the home without anyone noticing. GunVault knows how concerned parents are about finding out that their safe was tampered with when it is already too late. The GunVault has an audible alarm that is activated by a motion sensor. With an audible alarm you will know right away when a child starts messing with the alarm.

Having a GunVault safe will help you keep your family safe from harm. The sturdy lock, and multiple anti-tampering features will keep your favorite gun out of the wrong hands.

There are tons of different types of gun safes including a fingerprint gun safe, gunVault, biometric gun safe, winchester gun safe, cannon gun safe and more.

Sorting through zillions of gun safe reviews can be a daunting task even for a firearms enthusiast like myself! But we’ve gone ahead and sifted through a ton of info to bring you 3 safes that we feel confident about. Now, obviously not every firearm safe is going to be as fantastic as the sales flyer claims, but there are a few that actually do offer every feature that the manufacturer advertises.


GunVault NV200 NanoVault

Manufactured by one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of gun safes, the GunVault NV200 is a low-cost, easy to use, gun safe option. Weighing only 3 pounds, the small safe is the perfect size for a standard pistol. Kept secure with a key lock system, this simple gun safe meets Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airline travel guidelines making it a good option for anyone traveling with a registered firearm.


Barska Biometric Safe

More advanced than the GunVaults key lock system, the Barska Biometric Safe is a gun safe to consider if you are looking for some extra security. The Barska Biometric Safe utilizes the latest fingerprint technology to scan and store up to 30 fingerprints. If you are still unsure about making the leap to the more expensive, but extremely secure, biometric system; this safe comes with two backup keys for emergency access if the fingerprint technology malfunctions. Plus, the manufacturer backs up this sturdy safe with a 1 year warranty.


SentrySafe G1459E 14-Gun Electronic Lock Safe

Though the SentrySafe is the most expensive out of the three popular gun safe options, it has consistently pleased buyers with its durability and ample storage space. The 170 pound safe can store up to 14 guns, and also supports multiple shelves, for storing additional items. Owners of this gun safe are impressed with the lush interior saying it is perfect for long-term gun storage.

Each of the three gun safes is unique in its own way. All of the gun safes keep your guns safe from tampering, weather, and theft; but each one offers a different level of protection. The GunVault safe is the perfect choice for a new gun owner who needs to store one firearm, while the SentrySafe is a great option for a long-time gun collector. Meanwhile, the Barska Biometric Gun Safe is just right for everyone in between.

I hope our gun safe reviews were useful to you and help you make a smart decision when you’re looking to protect your home, family and property.

There are many gun safe accessories to help you make the most of your gun safe. While some gun owners simply need a place to store their firearm without worrying about it getting into their childrens’ hands or being stolen, others really get into the whole gun ownership culture and take it to the next level by accessorizing.

Various accessories do, however, have practical value. A dehumidifier, for instance, lowers the relative humidity in your gun safe which helps prolong the life and functionality of your weapon and ammo.

Owners of several firearms also prefer to have some sort of storage solution for their safe or cabinet. To handle this, there are holsters that fasten with velcro or simply hang and other prefer regular metal hangers. This allows you to store your firearms side by side without having to stack them on each other in a careless manner.

Another popular accessory for gun safes is an organizer of some kind, that allows you to neatly store important documents, keys, cash and other personal valuables. If you store particularly costly and sensitive guns and papers in your gun cabinet or safe then you may also want to consider a hygrometer that allows you to monitor the moisture in the space.

Depending upon the location of your particular safe, you may also need to be able to see very clearly when you open the safe and need some sort of lighting kit. These are often bright LED lights that actually function better at lower temperatures, last for a really long time and are also quite bright.